Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 24 - Again

just felt like sharing it again..
Day 18 - the 'elder' sister
i would prefer an ugly son and a beautiful daughter rather than a handsome son and a not-too-pretty daughter. because i know one thing from my life, that your awfully handsome brother will keep making you realize how ordinary you are to look at but a sister would just never do this. Maybe it's in the man's ugly nature. 

in future i will never be 'the elder sister' just sister. that's it. no matter what happens, my status; due to my own attitude or their's or in our upbringing or sth i will never enjoy what all the eldest siblings of this world enjoy. My brother and sister never fail to tell me what i really am. a useless mind-rotten skunk who is only in this world to bug the hell out of the other people. And they are to a great extent right. 

i always try shutting up all together, once and for all. but me and my stupid stupid nature i end up being what i previously was. 

Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 23 - EXAMS!!

exams. exams. exams. and starting from today i just have exactly 14 days to prepare. okay. *gets shit scared* 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day 22 - I don't want to be happy!

i do NOT want to be happy! i want euphoria! :D

so exams are just a fortnight away. and i have thoroughly wasted 3 whole days! awesomeness, no?  three days i did nothing except for play and sleep. and now every part of my body aches but this break from studies was much needed by my body. and it came at the right time. spot on.

my friend is going through depression these days. the same effed up situation that i am going through for like months and the thing is i do understand it but i don't know how to help her out because i still haven't got out of the situation myself yet. :/ 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Day 21 - too lazy to think of one

So the birthday's over and i went to some other friend's birthday who not only happens to be my birthday-mate but we also wee born on the same date, year, hospital, by the same doc, now we live in the same area, we're good friends and we share a lot in common of course. It was real fun over there.

the day ended and i didn't manage to get hold of the car even once coz apparently it had got too late for a beginner to drive at night. So yeah.. that's all

no. wait. ima start a diary entry, more like a journal - a total freakin account of my life, because obviously no one else is gonna write a bio on this sad freak hence this brown chick will perform the obligation herself of course. Now waiting for a nice diary and i will Le Start. 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 20 - It's my birthday tomorrow! || Let's be happy! :D

so i am turning 18 on 18th - a mantra my friend and i will keep singing till the end of the boom-day! great.
after 18 long years i am going to finally eligible to vote. 

when i look down upon on those 18 years of my life i realize that i actually did nothing productive, nothing useful. wasted my 18 years? i don't know. but at least i am a better person now than i was on my last birthday. - more tolerant, more realizing etc etc (end of thinking capacity reached). or let's just put it this way this is one of those pre-birthday depressions. ha. and be happy. :D

And now i cannot think of ideas of what to do on this first day of adulthood. and something just clicked me! today is my last day of childhood! :O and Ima spend it in pyjamas. like a boss! fuck yeah!